The Oldest Road: An Exploration of the Ridgeway (with J.R.L. Anderson) 1975.
The Oil Rush (with Mervyn Jones) 1976.
The Drovers Roads of Wales (with Shirley Toulson) 1977.
Islands (with John Fowles) 1978.
Remains of Elmet: A Pennine Sequence (with Ted Hughes) 1979.
Romney Marsh and the Royal Military Canal (with Richard Ingrams) 1980.
Tess: The Story of a Guide Dog (with Peter Purves) 1981.
The Whisky Roads of Scotland (with Derek Cooper) 1982.
Bison at Chalk Farm 1982.
The Saxon Shore Way from Gravesend to Rye (with Alan Sillitoe) 1983.
The National Trust Book of Wessex (with text by Patricia Beer) 1985.
Land (with essay by John Fowles, and introduction by Ian Jeffrey) 1985, selected for best of British book design and production award, 1985.
The Secret Forest of Dean (with introduction by Edna Healey) 1986.
Our forbidden land, which won the first Green Book of the Year Award, from Books for a Change, 1990.
Elmet, completely new edition of book with Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, originally published as Remains of Elmet in 1979, with new poems and new pictures, selected for best of British book design and production award, 1994.
The Edge of the Land 1995.
Glassworks & Secret Lives, (with essay by Ian Jeffrey) 1999.
Landmarks, with essay by Roger Taylor and introduction by Simon Armitage, 2001

Smaller publications
Essay for Charter 88: The Copyrighting of our Heritage: Who owns the Land? 1994.
A Perfect Republic of Shepherds, exhibition catalogue, published by Wordsworth Trust, 1997.